Is it love?

MY ESSAY (Using method that I wrote first and then had chatGPT write a similar essay)

Authors, filmmakers, poets, and songwriters throughout time have tried to define true love. Although it is something that people have searched for and experienced throughout time, it is a concept that humans are consistently trying to better understand. The short story, Sexy by Jhumpa Lahiri, demonstrates Miranda’s journey to discovering the difference between love and lust.

At the start of their relationship, Dev whispers a flirtatious message to Miranda across the tunnel. He chooses to say “You’re sexy.” It’s interesting to note the contrast between Miranda’s narration of their relationship and Dev’s actions. Miranda frequently describes him as perfect, meticulously plans her life around him, and does anything possible to feel closer to him and his culture. For her, this is love. She tries to embrace her role as a mistress, and is frequently met with minimal effort and comments on her appearance from Dev. For him, this is lust.

Although it is obvious to the reader from the start that it is not true love, it takes Miranda longer to accept it. She is far from home, often alone, and didn’t date great guys in the past. She loves the way Dev pursues her, adds meaning to her lonely life, and gives her company. Although nice, flattery is not the same as love.

Miranda is finally able to accept “the things she knew all along” after Rohin, a child, explains that sexy means “loving someone you don’t know.” This comment instantly takes away the meaning and depth that Miranda had attributed to Dev’s flirty comment at the start of their relationship. True love isn’t simply not being lonely, or finding meaning, or even service. It is in these final lines that Lahiri encapsulates the difference between lust and love. Love is choosing to know someone and then making the subsequent choice to give your whole self to them, not despite knowing them, but because you do know them.


Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story “Sexy” offers a profound exploration of true love through the character of Miranda. True love is portrayed as intricate, transformative, and unwavering.

Miranda, an independent woman, embarks on an affair with Dev, a married man, leading to a moral dilemma. Her internal struggle reflects the clash between societal norms and the compelling force of genuine connection.

Miranda’s relationship with Dev evolves from physical attraction to something deeper. True love transcends societal expectations, pushing individuals to confront their desires and vulnerabilities. It is not always conventional or rational; it can be messy and challenging, forcing individuals to question their beliefs.

Miranda’s journey illustrates that true love transforms people, making them reassess their values. It endures adversity, even as her relationship with Dev dissolves. Her experiences leave a lasting impact, shaping her perception of love and relationships.

In conclusion, Lahiri’s “Sexy” defines true love as a potent, transformative, and enduring force that challenges societal norms. Miranda’s experiences serve as a powerful reminder that true love is multifaceted, capable of reshaping individuals and their understanding of themselves and the world. This concise exploration captures the essence of love as depicted in the story.

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3 responses to “Is it love?”

  1. Elijah Pearce Avatar
    Elijah Pearce

    I really like your observation of the contrast between Miranda’s and Dev’s take on their relationship: for one it’s love, but for the other it’s lust. Though it’s the same relationship, both of them looked at it as a different thing.

  2. Brian Croxall Avatar

    It’s so interesting to see ChatGpt talk about the story being about “true love.” That’s not really what I would have thought it would do. What was your prompt? Did you ask it to talk about love?

    You’re absolutely right that Miranda and Dev are after two different things, and the story is all about that miscommunication/misapprehension.

  3. Maria Durrans Avatar

    I love how you mentioned that she feels like he is perfect and that they have a great relationship. To then shows the difference between her feelings about their relationship after hearing “sexy is loving someone you don’t know”. The change and shift in her feelings for him was a pivotal part of the story.

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